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Friday, June 26, 2009

Healthy Diet - A Simple Solution To Lose Your Weight and Stay Healthy.

Recent studies have shown that by eating a healthy diet and exercising moderately we can significantly reduce the risk of developing diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and the host of other chronic degenerative diseases.

What we eat has big impact to our overall health. The problem with food is you won't get the sickness immediately but it take time for that diseases to develop in our body through cell. If you have suffering from diabetes right now then try to flash back 10 years ago. ask yourself, how is you eating habit? Have you ever consider to have a healthy diet? or the worst part is you don't ever bother to think about diet.

Let we be honest to ourself? Do we really think about what type of foods that we want to eat? Or. We just eat whatever we want as long as it taste great..Here is some statistic that will may surprise you a little. If you are the one who suffer from overweight or obesity, then you are not alone.

(1) 2/3 of all Americans are suffering from this!
(2) 200 million people in the US alone!
(3) 750 million people worldwide!

You maybe surprise to hear about this. That much!!!..OMG..It not a good sign..You need to do something and start to take care your body properly and start to learn how to eat healthy diet. Nowadays, we cannot trust enough the food that we eat everyday.

The only way to make yourself lose some pounds and stay healthy is to start implement healthy diet in your life. The good thing is you can start it right away and it is never too late for you to burn that fat and regaining your health.

Combining the right food will produce a balance nutrition for our body. You need to know the right type of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Screw this then you will not be the new guy that have a beach-body but someone who have a stomach rolls. You do not want to stay at home during this summer. This is the time for you to get wild at the beach and surf the wave as you like.

There are some principles to help you enjoy food and keep you on track. Here is some of it :

1) Especially when eating out, you need to be careful not to take in too many high-glycemic carbohydrates with any particular meal. Don't eat bread, potatoes and dessert all at the same meal.

2) Right balance of good carb, good fat and good protein when choosing your snacks. Be Creative!!

3) Healthy Snacks. Always make sure it readily available. If not, you will eat whatever is around when you get hungry.

Food is our greatest drug. It can be either be used incorrectly and cause great problems or when used correctly will protect our health. Eating foods that burn fat will protect our health rather then eating foods that increase total cholesterol that will cause big problem to our health.

If you eat the right type of foods, indirectly you will give yourselves the absolute best chance of protecting your health or regaining your health if you have already lost it.